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1st Edition 302 pages
2nd Edition 304 pages
3rd Edition 307 pages
13.8cm x 21.6cm
Photographs, maps
ISBN 1-904221-00-9
Price 11.99 + P&P

Essential reading for Brian Jones and Rolling Stones fans, and for those interested in the Blues, the Sixties or Cheltenham's local history.

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    The Influences & Shaping of Brian Jones - Founder of the Rolling Stones

    by Graham Ride

       Bill Wyman in his interesting book 'Stone Alone' said "Brian [Jones] was the inventor and inspiration of the Rolling Stones." He goes on to highlight the fact that Brian was instrumental in the shaping of sixties sounds and attitudes and that this was "... traceable to his own roots and frustrations." 'Foundation Stone' deals intimately with those roots and frustrations.

       Stanley Booth's fascinating and evocative book 'The True Adventures of The Rolling Stones' states that Brian was introduced to the blues by the Champion Jack Dupree album 'Blues from the Gutter'... but who introduced him to that record? 'Foundation Stone' will tell you.

       Laura Jackson in her book 'Golden Stone' writes "In the end Brian shared with an architectural student called Graham Ride who, like him, was an alto-saxophonist. Pleased to have the company of a kindred spirit, especially since Graham's allegiances, like his own, had jumped from trad jazz to the rawer, less disciplined music called rhythm and blues, Brian was in his element."

       But crucially nearer to the truth is the subtle difference portrayed on the web site which states "After many odd jobs, Brian moved into a flat with his friend Graham Ride, a kindred spirit, who introduced to Brian a new obsession. He had jumped from trad jazz to the rawer, less disciplined music called Rhythm and Blues. His new passion was all eclipsing."

       The author of 'Foundation Stone' is that same Graham Ride who for the first time reveals a unique testament of the last ten months Rolling Stones' founder Brian Jones spent in his home town of Cheltenham before going up to 'the Smoke' (London) as a Chicago Blues style evangelist. Graham sets the record straight on several issues and lifts the lid on the true musical influences of Brian Jones and their way of life before fame and fortune beckoned.

      • How did Brian first get hooked on Urban Blues?
      • Read about who punched Brian and why.
      • Why did Brian threaten to jump out of an upstairs window?
      • Learn where Brian first played the Blues in public.
      • Who were his real musical influences?
      • Learn more about his women and children.
      • What was Brian's attitude to drugs?
      • Find out about his first 'steel'.
      • Read about Brian's meetings with Alexis Korner.
      • Why did Graham wait so long to write this book?

    The answers to these questions and many more are revealed in FOUNDATION STONE.

    This is a unique story; only Graham Ride could reveal this fascinating, sometimes humorous and personal account of the initial hewing of The Rolling Stones' very own Foundation Stone, Brian Jones.

    WARNING: this book does NOT rely on sensationalism.

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