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1st Edition 302 pages
2nd Edition 304 pages
3rd Edition 307 pages
13.8cm x 21.6cm
Photographs, maps
ISBN 1-904221-00-9
Price 11.99 + P&P

Essential reading for Brian Jones and Rolling Stones fans, and for those interested in the Blues, the Sixties or Cheltenham's local history.
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       According to Bill Wyman, Brian Jones was the inventor and inspiration of the Rolling Stones, probably the most enduring Rock band of all time. This book is a first-hand account of the intensely formative last year before Brian left his hometown of Cheltenham for the bright lights and big city of London. During that period Brian was introduced to the Urban Chicago Blues upon which he was to base the initial musical style of the Rolling Stones.

       'Foundation Stone' describes the musical and mental development of Brian as he absorbed the blues genre at the beginning of what was to become the 'Swinging Sixties'. Sometimes life was turbulent, sometimes sad and sometimes hilarious but it was never ever boring sharing it with Brian Jones, as the author did. These memoirs not only seek to portray the young Mr Jones but convey the atmosphere of sixties life in provincial Cheltenham. It not only tells of Brian 'as it was' but is an easily read historical account of interest to blues fans, Rolling Stones' fans, local historians and those fascinated by the social history of the nineteen-sixties.

       There are plenty of anecdotes and enough trivia detail to provide oxygen to the true fan. Along with in-depth accounts of influential recordings, the author gives us his own personal musical appraisal of Brian's work. Helpful footnotes are included and short biographies of significant musicians are provided. And finally, for those who wish to tread in the footsteps of Brian, a walk around his Cheltenham is described.

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